"Just finished this book, excellent! Hope he doesn't take too long for the next one. There were some excellent surprises! Really impressed and I can be quite a harsh critic, he really deserves the praise"

Deborah Dormer

"Not normally a crime thriller reader but I enjoyed Jewel Agenda by David Simson immensely."
Elaine Williams

"One of those books that you just cannot put down until you've finished it. Gripping!"
J Lewis

"Riveting! I was on the edge of my seat trying to read this novel. Clearly well researched, this book takes us on a trip around the world in style. Can't wait for the sequel!"
J Davidson
Melbourne, Australia

"I couldn't put it down, so exciting, and the twists in the plot!. Wow!'

"The story line was very good and it held my interest right to the end. Very exciting. A real thriller".
Bob Wyatt. Queensland, Australia